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Become a Strategic Partner of Negotiating Partners, LLC

Real Estate Professionals: Expedite the Short Sale Process & Increase your Success Rate 

·         More Short Sale deals close as a result of our Strategic Partners' relationships

·         Negotiating 1st and 2nd mortgages, liens, judgments, etc. “Getting releases or negotiated to pennies on the dollar”, thus the property will become unencumbered because of the Investor and Negotiator, thus making the property more attractive to end buyers


Realtor is freed up to Sell Real Estate

·         Attract more buyers by including “Approved Short Sale - Close Within 30 Days” on the MLS listing once the short sale is approved

·         Many Realtors complain they lose buyers because of a 60-180 waiting period for the “Short Sale Approval”, Negotiating Partners, LLC helps eliminate this problem


Realtor may Increase their Commissions

·         Possibly earn up to 6% on the A-B closing and up to 3% on the B-C closing for a total of 9% Real Estate commissions, of course the lender and/or buyer pays RE commissions and not the seller (homeowner)

·         The Realtor is alleviated from negotiating the Short Sale and now has more time to sell and show Real Estate


The Homeowner gets their Life Back

·         Upon a successful Short Sale the home is sold and the mortgage is satisfied and the deficiency judgment or promissory note usually has a higher success rate of being negated

·         The homeowner’s credit may be salvaged and they may be eligible for another mortgage much sooner than if they had been foreclosed on


The Lender Benefits Financially from a Short Sale v. a Foreclosure

·         A foreclosure typically costs the lender on average $40,000 more than a Short Sale

·         The home values in the neighborhood should be preserved

A Win-Win for all Parties

·         The seller (homeowner) avoids foreclsoure and is back on their feet and very happy

·         The Investor and Realtor both get paid and have successful Real Estate transactions thus getting more referrals


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