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Strategic Partners

A Realtor plays a very important role listing your house and finding a buyer thus helping facilitate a short sale.  Negotiating Partners, LLC has a Network of Realtors who are well versed in the intricacies of valuing, listing, marketing, and selling short sale properties.  Once we begin working with you we will assign a local affiliate Realtor from our network to assist in quickly getting offer(s) on your property, so that we can negotiate a short sale with your lender.  It is of vital importance that we work with a Realtor that is capable of working in a distressed property situation so that we can effectively negotiate with your lender and secure a short sale agreement.  If you have a preferred Realtor that you would like to use, Negotiating Partners, LLC can partner with them as well, provided they agree to conform to our standard Realtor terms and conditions.

An Investor often plays a valuable role in a short sale, in that, in order to successfully complete a short sale, an offer should be made on the property that the lender will accept as fair market value.  An investor can step in as a buyer and be the crucial link to making the short sale possible.  Working with an Investor such as Katherine Nicholaus, LLC helps shorten the process considerably in most cases.  Most if not all lenders will not even consider establishing a sale price on the property until an offer is made from a potential buyer.  If it takes 90 days to get an offer from a listing on your home this is valuable time wasted. We start the negotiation process on day one thus giving you the competitive advantage of getting the lender to agree to a sale price.  Once the short sale price on the home has been established and approved we update the listing to read “Short Sale Approved by Lender-Close within 30 Days” which gives the Buyer’s Agents the confidence to show your property to their buyers and facilitate the short sale.  

Negotiating Partners, LLC has teamed up with several Top Notch Negotiating Companies.  This type of team work is why we have a much higher success rate on getting short sales done.    

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