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What a pleasure it was working with Negotiating Partners!!!!  The employees at Negotiating Partners were a tremendous help to me and got me out of a possible detrimental situation.  When I was younger I foolishly bought a house with a "friend".  Last year she lost her job and said she would no longer be paying her share of the mortgage and would not move out.  She took on the position of foreclosure and said that was the only option she was considering. I was paying big money for attorney's, spending hours on the phone with the mortgage company to see what they could do to help me save this house and paying $2000 a month for the mortgage myself.  I spent tons of time scrambling to find someone to help me out.  Fortunately, I was recommended by a friend to call Negotiating Partners, I spoke with Steve a Short Sale Specialist and he simply told me to give him her phone number and the number of the mortgage company and he would take care of everything for me.  That is exactly what he did!!!  He convinced her to do what was right for BOTH of us.  I figured of all the people I had spoken to he seemed to be the most concerned with me, so I let him work his magic.  I TRUSTED him.  Within a few days he had an experienced real estate staff working on the house explaining what would happen step by step.  When all was said and done the entire process took about a month to get the Short Sale Approval and after that the house sold in 2 1/2 weeks!!!  That is amazing considering the market I thought I would be facing against.  All the debt was wiped out including any deficiency judgements and their expertise left me standing on my own two feet again.  I owe the employees at Negotiating Partners a BIG thank you.  They were professional, friendly, knowledgable, and efficient.  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know who is in any sort of housing predicament.


Rose Kenny
Largo, FL

After months of getting no where with an incompetent negotiating company, I made the decision to go with Negotiating Partners after a friend had told me what they did for her and her family.   I was very impressed with what my Negotiator did for us as well as how competent she was with knowing what had to be done.  They are definitely not like the other Short Sale Negotiating Companies, they are very meticulous in determining what can be done, they go the extra mile and listen to what has happened to you, they show sympathy, compassion, and they were definitely there for me.  They go over a questionnaire and then a financial with you and then determine whether or not they can help.  They did this for me and they not only qualified me but they were able to get my life back and my mortgages released upon selling my home with no deficiency judgment.  This will not happen for all clients but it did for me, and I am very grateful.  Thank you Negotiating Partners.


Mark Birnbaum

Ozona, FL

We had an illness in the family and recently
were faced with the same problems many people in  America are facing, foreclosure.  The mortgage company would not deal with us in a professional manner and treated us like second class citizens. That's when we discovered Negotiating Partners; we were assigned to a Negotiator named Patti.  She was great to work with and her passion for helping others was very apparent in how she compassionately handled our situation.  She eventually got the bank to say yes to our short sale and we are very appreciative.  I recommend Patti, Negotiating Partners to any of my friends that have fallen on hard times.

Sean Joseph
St. Petersburg, FL

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